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TIP Celebrates the 2009 Human Rights Nigeria

The Independent Project (TIP) for Equal Rights - Nigeria

09th December, 2009

Press Release
TIP celebrates the 2009 Human Rights Day
The Independent Project (TIP) for Equal Rights is pleased to join the world in celebrating the 2009 Human Rights day. TIP marks this day with a 60 minutes program on Voice of Nigeria (VON) speaking on issues of Sexual Diversity and Human rights in relation to the danger of discrimination on Democracy and Governance.
The theme for this year's celebration is Embrace Diversity, End Discrimination as announced by the United Nations' Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). The year's theme speaks to the importance of the protection and respect of diversity regardless of age, gender, disability, tribe, race, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression and other status. TIP uses this medium to call on government who are yet to domesticated and ratify the various human rights treaties such as; International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), Convention Against All forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), Convention on the Rights of the Child among others, to do so in order to ensure the full protection of the rights of their citizens.
"Human Rights violations on any grounds based on popular morality is unethical and should be fought against, judgment base on constitutional morality is sensible reflecting on the decision made by the Delhi high court in the case of Naz foundation v. Union of India." according to Joseph Sewedo Akoro- Executive Director, TIP. In addition, Mr. Ohwerhi Efe Brown- Human rights program associate, TIP said that "Sexual minorities, Young people and People Living with Disability have long been marginalized, hence they deserve attention henceforth". Acknowledging that the common denominator for the enjoyment of human rights is to be a human being, today is important to articulate the gospel of love and respect of all person regardless of age, gender, disability, tribe, race, sexual orientation, gender identity/ expression and other status.
TIP is a non-government organization that envisions a society that is free from discrimination of any sort and regardless of age, tribe, ethnic group, race, creed, religion and sex; including sexual orientation and gender identity/ expression. TIP works to achieve this through education, empowerment and policy advocacy.

Submitted by:
Ohwerhi Efe Brown
Human rights program associate.
The Independent Project (TIP) for Equal rights-Nigeria

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