Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Because Jesus lives I can face tomorrow

I am so emotional this morning, when I think about all the pain that we are put through, those who feel that killing themselves because they are gays and lesbians is the answer, it is just too much. And also for those who feel empowered to endnager our lives for who we are, killing us is not the answer.

I believe that rather than bow to the pressure and prejudice against a minority group we should take time to pray for the people. I am so sad today, I am in so much pain I am in tears. I am praying to God to help us to deal with all the bigotry and prejudice against Black Gay people and to end the hatred from within the community.

Many African LGBT people at home and abroad are in fear of being killed, I am one of them. My life has been threatened, but I know that "Because Jesus lives I can face tomorrow".

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