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About House Of Rainbow

House of Rainbow, Lagos Nigeria.

House of Rainbow, Lagos Nigeria, was inaugurated in the city of Lagos on the 2nd September 2006, 32 people attended the official occasion. The first service was opened with a celebration service followed by a discussion on the topic of sexuality and spirituality. House of Rainbow, Lagos Nigeria is a part of the Universal Fellowship of the Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC), an inclusive gospel ministry of Jesus Christ, for all children of God, regardless of age, gender, race, tribe, language, marital or employment status, ability, disability, health, sexual orientation, etc

UFMCC Mission Statement.

· UFMCC is committed to basic Christian Gospel, that the love of God is freely available to all people, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
· UFMCC recognises the oppression caused through racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and other forms of prejudice, both within and outside the Christian Church.
· UFMCC seeks to share healing with all people so affected.


The vision of the future of UFMCC is to take care of and empower people, who are likely to be ostracised and isolated in diverse communities. House of Rainbow, Lagos Nigeria, seeks to serve all people of God, in particular, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities. There are a high percentage of LGBT people who are Christians and are seeking an affirming congregation. This sets out the reasons for an LGBT affirming ministries in Nigeria.

The religious climate overall in Nigeria is extremely hostile towards LGBT people. Fundamentalist, conservative and some gay people, feel that there is no way out of a punishment for homosexuality.

With the presence of House of Rainbow, Lagos Nigeria, it will give us the opportunity to interact with other faith group, create an awareness of Global Justice issues and educate as many people and organisations on the tenets and belief of UFMCC. This will create a welcoming church that liberates and validates human sexuality as ordained by God and a relationship outside UFMCC.

With the creation of UFMCC churches headstrong, to serve the growing global LGBT population, who are also seriously marginalised by legislation, but truly determined to emerge as a positive social and spiritual force.

A Clear Philosophy of Ministry

House of Rainbow, Lagos, Nigeria, reflects the variety, diversity and tribal influence of the Christian worship in the country. Membership consist of people from various denominations, workforce etc. The style of worship is liturgical, praise & worship, using modern church music with a blend of hymns from various traditions.

House of Rainbow, Lagos Nigeria meet;
· weekly for Celebration Worship.
· monthly for Bible Study & Prayer Meeting.
· Regular Seminars & Workshops

House of Rainbow, Lagos Nigeria
(a part of the Metropolitan Community Churches)
P. O. Box 1854 Mushin, Lagos Nigeria 100009
Phone: 0805 256 7170, 01 89 222 99

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