Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Mo Moment with Mo Show And The Scandalous PM News Report.

The Mo Moment with Mo Show And The Scandalous PM News Report.

First it was a struggle to get on the Moment with Mo show, after many attempts and few phone calls from their offices, meeting with the producers of the Show, even after many discussions with our church leaders, I attended. I knew another show in Nigeria on homosexuality will either make or break. I feel in all understanding, it is good credence to begin a dialogue rather than a war of words

I had the opportunity to meet other gay and lesbian people, and the rare opportunity to include them in my prayers as together we stand to change time and history. In fact I can safely conclude that History was made by our actions.

Many chose to hide their identity, however, my boldness and courage that God loves me just the way I am, I decided that I need not cover my face, allow the people of Africa and the rest to see me and tell me what is wrong with and honestly being a homosexual.

I want to call on reasonable thinking people, including staff and colleagues at my college where I am currently studying for my PhD in theology to rethink, what are the accuracies of the report or the real issues faced by people that are homosexuals in Nigeria? Many of you are currently clergies and church goers, what are your views and conclusions?.

Let me say a few things, Jesus came to the world to die for my sins and NOT my sexuality, if you fail to love me, then God who made you and love you will love me always.

I have responded honestly with all my heart to the call of God to be the face and voice of our community in Nigeria, I am sure many people will agree with me, but yet the fear of speaking or standing for the truth, will hold many people back. I can understand.

Before we rush in to the condemnation mode or gather the 15 million sexual minorities in Nigeria, we need to think of the peoples’ right to be part of the household of God and also how they are to be included as rightful citizens of Nigeria. With laws that will continue to protect LGBT from violent attacks, malicious abuses, and inaccurate conclusion. Who is to judge?

My experience and struggle in just less than two years of moving back to Nigeria from the United Kingdom, as an optimistic gay rights activist and a gay pastor are overwhelming, I have seen and heard many depleting and inhumane stories of victimization, discrimination, ostracisation, rejection and so on of people simply because they identify or merely suspected of being gay or lesbian.

You can never tell what will happen.

Business people and some local printers have refused to do our printing jobs, because of their positions with their religion once they knew we are a mission that is inclusive and welcoming to LGBT people.

I gave more people a ride in our church bus after my lecture on Tuesday, 13th May 2008, it was a raining day and more questions were asked about homosexuality and the bible. I refused to be the closeted religious leader, I claim that I will be the face for the faceless and voice for the voiceless, even if it meant ridiculous story lines and this has started happening. I believe our work is cut out for us in Nigeria alone, let alone in the rest of the world.

We get no where without a fight, but I believe that this fight is righteous for many people that are unable to neither speak out nor stand up for their rights.

Our mission at House Of Rainbow Metropolitan Community Church

Mission Statement

· House Of Rainbow is committed to basic Christian Gospel, that the love of God is freely available to all people, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
· House Of Rainbow recognises the oppression caused through racism, sexism, hatred and other forms of prejudice, both within and outside the Christian Church.
· House Of Rainbow seeks to share healing with all people so affected.

Statement of Vision

House Of Rainbow is on a bold mission to transform hearts, lives, and history. We are a movement that faithfully proclaims God’s inclusive love for all people and proudly bears witness to the holy integration of spirituality and sexuality.


House Of Rainbow MCC, seeks to promote an inclusive gospel ministry of Jesus Christ, for all children of God, regardless of age, gender, race, tribe, language, marital or employment status, ability, disability, health, sexual orientation, etc

And if we fail as activist or Christian mission we are not serving the very people that need our services.

We have to be radical against those who violently attack us, many Citizens of Nigeria including Conservative Christians have concluded that homosexuality is a sin, they need new information, education and for Christians anointing for wisdom in understanding the heart of God for all the people of God.

Homosexuality is included in the mysteries of God and in the dynamic creation of the human spectrum.

PM news printed a violent accounted which are incorrect, and Lagosians will believe anything they choose to. I am not sure if PM News is the right choice of paper for intelligent and reasonable thinking people.


alaura.orairu333 said...

Before you destroy the world with your immorality, the God of judgement will destroy within the next seven days. In Jesus Name, amen.You are BASTARD. laura Solomon from Badagry.

jules.richard123 said...

God says go ye into the world and multiply. IS IT MAN TO MAN? Even women that sleeps with another man has comitted adultary how much more a man that sleeps with a man may God send down his wrath from heaven to destroy u. may u die a death of shame.Juliet Olekwu from Agbara Lagos.

solomon.judith said...

you are a complete disgrace to pastorhood.(If at all you are one). May His fire consume you. Prophet Solomon O. Solomon.
From Araromi.

solomon.david said...

from your message you said God concern about your sins and not your sexsuality. PLEASE IS YOU PRICK OUTSIDE YOUR BODY? Besacuse to Bible says your body is the temple of God. For misleading people may your life remain forever misled. Devil will shit on your soul. Sunny Solomon From Magbon.