Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nigeria: Late Dare Odumuye AKA Erelu of the Gay Community Remembered 2 years On.

Nigeria: Late Dare Odumuye AKA Erelu of the Gay Community Remembered 2 years On.

It is now two years since we lost Oludare Olutosin Toluwalase Odumuye aka Erelu, he passed away sadly on the 20th May and buried on the 25th May 2007, aged 41 years old.

He was a member of House Of Rainbow MCC Nigeria and the sole founder and Late President of Alliance Right Nigeria, an organization which advocated for the rights of LGBTI people in Nigeria since 1999, provided Sexual health information, Advice, Seminars and Training programme.

We remember him on the second anniversary of this sad loss to the thriving LGBT community, there is no doubt in our minds that the Nigerian LGBTI History will not be complete without you.

Since you passed away many good and bad things have happened to us, but you thought us never to give up.

We learnt from your selfless struggles to speak out, stand up and defend LGBTI people, we recall how much you travelled the length and breadth of the nation and the globe to represent our battles.

We carry on the torch of hope you light for us in to the waiting darkness and focus on claiming equal rights for all sexual minorities, in Politics, Sexual and Social Health, and societal equality. We continue your legacy to combat discrimination on the grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

We have not forgotten you and will never forget you. Matthew 22:30 “For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels* in heaven”

Erelu Continue to Rest in the perfect Peace of God.

Gladly remembered by the entire members and friends of House Of Rainbow MCC Nigeria.

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Gloman said...

My dear Rev Thanks very much for this good work i'm very happy that my late Boss has not being for gotn so soon well done.

Rev Rowland Jide Macaulay said...

Ify, am glad you noted the announcement, I hope that next year we will raise the roof and have some fun and celebrate with a memorial party.

john tofunmi said...