Sunday, May 24, 2009

UPDATE NIGERIA "House Of Rainbow in the NEWS"

The gay church: Gone with reminiscences left
Saturday, 23 May 2009 00:00

Jakande Estate, Oke-Afa, Isolo, is where the gay church, House of Rainbow, was located during its short-lived existence. It is axiomatic that whenever... their activities are banned, human beings go under-ground to perpetrate it on a grander scale, or return to same location soon after. The Nigerian Compass on Saturday sought out the known abode of the church to confirm its present status and also acquire any possible leads on its new location.

Surprisingly, many residents of the estate spoken to denied knowledge of the church.
Finally, two blocks from the block that had the church, someone confirmed its presence and gave a vivid description of the location. However, he wasn’t willing to talk further about it.
The building that used to host the House of Rainbow turned out to be a nondescript two-storey structure. One of its occupants, an old man, was lounging on the first floor and he pointed out to the reporters the ground floor flat that used to house the church.

He explained to us that the church was no longer there and that while it lasted, residents never knew of its queer nature or sexual preferences. Actually, the residents never knew it was a church, just that they used to see people gather there on Sundays, dancing and drumming.
The building’s occupants were people who minded their businesses. So, they didn’t poke their noses into the goings-on on the ground floor because the users weren’t a nuisance to them.
The old man said the flat is now a residence that has regular tenants. Of Rowland Macaulay’s whereabouts, he said he had no idea.

He also could not tell if the gay church had regrouped somewhere else in the city.

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