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Nigeria: Homosexualization of the World

Nigeria: Homosexualization of the World by Sonnie Ekwowusi

Lagos — The new British foreign office Minister, Chris Bryant, a publicly-professed gay, has decided to use opportunities offered him by his new office to promote gay rights and gay marriage across the Commonwealth countries Nigeria inclusive. To this effect, Bryant has been writing personal letters of congratulations to British diplomats who support gay rights.

At the Gay Pride March in London last month, Bryant was busy applauding British ambassadors for practicing homosexuality and spreading it across the world. Bryant is also tasking British Commissioners to promote gay and lesbian rights in Commonwealth countries including Nigeria even though the laws of those countries explicitly prohibit those so-called rights. At the Commonwealth Summit in Trinidad in November this year which the Queen and Prime Minster Gordon Brown are billed to attend, the homosexualization of commonwealth countries will top the agenda for discussion.

Bryant's homosexual campaigns in the British diplomatic circles and in commonwealth countries, no doubt, are part and parcel of the well-orchestrated campaigns to change nature and make the world a safe haven for homosexuals. Already the United Nations, founded on October 24, 1945 essentially to promote world peace and security, has become gay. Its language is now the language of gay people. Whereas the UN finds it difficult to promote peace in the world, it finds no difficulty in promoting homosexuality and abortion in the world.

Somehow the UN has been able to box 66 UN member States including the entire European Union, Japan, Australia into pledging their support for gay rights and gay marriage. In sporadic reversal of the policy of Bush's administration, the Obama administration on March 18, 2009 said that the United States was totally endorsing the United Nation's support for decimalization of homosexuality in the whole world. According to the Obama government: " The United States supports the UN statement on 'Human Rights, Sexual orientation, Gender Identity', and is pleased to join the other 66 UN member States who have declared their support of the statement that condemns human rights violations based on sexual orientation, gender identity ".

With the staunch support of the United Nations and the Obama administration, the world association of lesbian, homosexual, Bisexual, Transgender, Beastgender, Transsexual, Beastsexual, animalsexual is now pushing vigorously in different countries for the legalization of what they perceived are their rights to misbehave even in public. Last March in Nigeria some Nigerian homosexuals stormed the National Assembly in protest against the executive bill seeking to outlaw gay marriage and gay associations in Nigeria.

It is obvious that the British foreign office, United Nations, Obama administration and all those drumming support for lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Beastgender, Transsexual, Beastsexual rights, all in the name of human rights, do not fully understand the real meaning of human or are just deliberately distorting its meaning to suit their fancy. A couple of months ago, the Californian Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of Proposition 8-a voter-approved measure banning same-sex marriage in California.

You will recall that in November last year majority of the Californians voted against homosexuality, culminating in the passage of Proposition 8 slamming a ban on homosexual behaviour in California. Aggrieved by the Proposition 8, many gay and lesbian activists in California not only protested but eventually took their case to the Californian Supreme Court. At the Californian Supreme Court they argued, through their lawyer, that homosexual behaviour was their fundamental right and therefore the State of California had no right to violate what they conceived was their fundamental human right.

In their brief of argument, the State of California argued persuasively that homosexuality was a complete deviant, unnatural and abnormal behaviour which was manifestly against public policy and public interest as was demonstrated in the voter-approved Proposition 8. In its ruling, the Californian Supreme Court, presided over by Chief Justice Ronald George, upheld the constitutionality of the said Proposition 8 and banned homosexuality in California. By implication, the Supreme Court acknowleleged the right of voters to define marriage in Californian Constitition.

The banning of homosexuality in California and in other places has shown that many people are opposed to homosexuality. It has further shown that in appropriate circumstances the people can stand up and affirm their faith in long-standing moral tradition. Coming on the heels of the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor to the American Supreme Court and at a time when the gay insurgency and coalition of debonair nihilism in America had reached their summit, the said Californian Supreme Court judgment should be hailed as one of the best things that has come out of the United States in recent times.

In the beginning the gay right movement was never accorded legal recognition. Under the common law, marriage was, and is still recognized as a contract between a man and a woman. At the dawn of American Revolution this common law concept was adopted and became part of American laws. Suffice it to say that several States in the United States later passed laws prohibiting sodomy in the United States. Penalty for indulging in sodomy included long sentence and long fines.

At the dawn of the 19th century and even early 20th century, several States in the United States imposed law against sexual deviant behaviour like homosexuality. For example, in 1970 the Connecticut authority denied driver's licence to one man who professed to be homosexual. But the first organized homosexual rights movement in the United States emerged in the 50s.
It sought to change the criminal law in United States in favour of homosexuals. But it was the sexual revolution of the 60s that eventually propelled thee American gay right movement to attain take its present position. Spurred by the campaigns of the American Law Institute Penal Code in 196os, some homosexual started advocating for what they perceived as their right to privacy and to practice their homosexual acts.

The first Supreme Court decision to recognize the so-called right to privacy was Grisworld V Connecticut (1965). Later in Lawrence V Texas (2003), the Supreme Court (with Justice Antonini Scalia, Chief Justice William H. Relinquish and Justice Clarence Thomas heavily dissenting) overruled Bowers V Hardwick and held that consensual sexual conduct which including right to homosexuality was part of the liberty protected by substantial due process under the fourth amendment of the American Constitition. But subsequent Federal Laws and State laws have differed from Lawrence's case (supra) and endorsed the traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

A couple of months ago Nigeria's foreign affairs Minister, Ojo Maduekwe, was quoted as saying that there were no homosexuals in Nigeria. If the Minister was quoted correctly, then he was wrong. Homosexuality has gained grounds in some parts of Nigeria. During the military rule it was commonly practiced among some top military officers. It is also very common among some members of Northern elite. The National Theater, Orile Iganmu, Lagos has become the most popular meeting joint of Lagos homosexuals. Every Sunday evening young homosexuals are seen at the National Theatre open field holding hands and misbehaving.

But the average Nigerian in the street regards homosexuals as a taboo or abomination. In any case, homosexuality is illegal under the Nigerian law. Sodomy under the Criminal Code is completely outlawed. The anti-homosexual executive bill is still pending at the National assembly. If passed as law, it would go beyond the sodomy laws under the Criminal Code and would have the effect of specifically banning gay couples from adoption of children. It would prohibit registration of Gay Clubs, Societies and organizations; prohibition of Gay publicity, procession and public shows of same amorous relationship through the electronic media or print media etc.

Every society has its own values and should grow with those values. Let Britain, UN and the rest of the world be running riot with gay. But we must stick to our own values and tradition. Laws are made in consonant with the values of the people.

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