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Ask Rev Jide Part One

Ask Rev Jide Macaulay

Part One

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Question: Was Homosexuality Made?

Dear Rev Jide Macaulay,

I am a born again Christian and I agree with you that God made all people. Without God none of us would be here. Through Jesus everything was made that was made. But homosexuality was not made. I am not trying to argue I just want to understand your logic in this matter and why you think that Jesus the holy one, the king of kings, the saviour of the world, the righteous one, the only true God, the epitome of perfection would create something that he calls an abomination. By saying what you have said sir I believe that you have blasphemed the name of God. You said in one of your videos that you wouldn't ignore the scriptures condemning homosexuality so what do you have to say about Leviticus 18:22 or what about Leviticus 20:13 or even 1Corinthians 6: 9-11? Now you said that the Bible is a wonderful book and truly I agree. Now I don't believe that God hates homosexuality, but I do know that he does not condone homosexual behaviour. Please reply back. I want to hear your opinion on these scriptures. James Okocha

Dearly Beloved James,

Thanks for your note.

First there are more Laws in Leviticus than just the two verses on homosexuality, if we must condemn homosexuality then we must condemn many other things as well, such as planting two crops in the same field, eating catfish, and pork, the wearing of prescription glasses, we must also alienate and kill those who commit adultery, what people have done over the centuries and decades is to systematically select what soothes them, I am sure you will agree with me that it is suicide to argue with those who are prepared to douse me in petrol and set me ablaze in the name of protecting their religion.

The story of the woman Jesus saved from the stone clenching men on the issues of adultery addresses many things for me, She was said to have been caught in the act of adultery if this was the case where was the man she committed adultery with, MEN don’t like to see other men being treated like women and this makes homosexuality a problem. If it was such a huge problem please note Jesus never said anything about it, I will recommend, I hope in your quest to learn more, please spend some time online at, here there are various illustration on the issues of biblical evidence on same sex in the bible, they are compelling and require that we think logically to form our own opinion, What would Jesus do? Is another question that we must ask ourselves, if anything at all Jesus said we must love our neighbour as our self? You have quoted also Corinthians, carefully read this and note that verse 11 is the response to the first two verses (9 &10).

Just like the alienation of homosexuality the same bible was used to alienate women and even in some parts of the world especially developing nations women priest still remain banned from ordination, the bible was used to defend slavery and misogyny, it was also used to support the ban on Interracial marriages, thankfully Obama’s parents escaped the wrath of these outrageous laws and he was able to live to tell the tale.

I am a Christian and also born again, I am not angry nor wicked in my soul, who wishes to live in this world filled with so much hatred towards fellow humans, I do what I do because I believe and I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt in my heart, soul and mind on the purpose of God for LGBT people, to also be included in the love of God and that we make room for all people at the communion table of God, I believe in the rapture and final judgement of God, I believe that when we are all done on earth we will stand before God on judgement day and I am convinced in my heart that I will make heaven.

It is true God does not hate homosexuals, God hate the interpretation of men that alienates gay people and place them outside the religious communities, I hope you recall, Jesus said what we eat doesn’t defile us but what comes out of our mouth, the words of many people on my video blog who claimed they are Christians question my knowledge of their God, but assures me of the loving and everlasting God I have come to know. if God is as angry as these people I am sure we will relive the Old Testament days, but thankfully Jesus love ended that pain and that is why I believe that Gay people like myself are loved by God. And we need to respond in that universal unconditional love.

Sexuality was not made, neither heterosexual or homosexuality was made, it was given, and what we do with it is important, even if we believe that heterosexuality is the correct way, aren’t you appalled by rape, and child molestation/abuses, are these the standard, what we say is that we should all be in communion with God and fellow humans and cherish the God given nature that we have whether it’s being gay or straight.

I have written so much and there is a danger I might have missed your point, if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to write me at

God Bless
Rev Jide Macaulay


Heavenly said...
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Anyaposh said...

I think Jesus would tell the Adulterous Woman to "go and sin no more".

If you're having homosexual sex with men then that is wrong. You're defiling your body and because Gays cannot marry; then you'll continue to remain in sin.

My dear Reverend, tell me, honestly; do you believe that after you've had an orgasm with another man - that you are still blameless? It is wrong. It is sin.

And why are you focused on the Old Testament? You're doing the same thing when you said people "...systematically select what soothes them". You're selecting to ignore what soothes you.

As a Reverend, I am sure you know what the New Testament says about homosexuality. It is not the "natural way". And you're living a lie because you will never be at peace with a decision to have sex with other men.

And feel free to delete this comment if you like, it will demonstrate your embarrasment because of the Truth of God's Word.


Does Anyapose worship God, or the Bible? There is a difference. True Christians revere the Bible, but do not worship it. We worship God, and we access His salvation through the ministry of Jesus Christ.

The laws that the Savior gave us to follow are found in the Gospels. We do not follow the laws of Leviticus, which were imposed as punishment on the ancient Israelites; Christ's coming negated those edicts (read the book of Galatians, and understand what it says). Nor do we follow laws laid down by the Apostles. Christians follow the teachings of none but Jesus Christ (hence the name Christian).

LGBT folk are not sinners! Their sexual orientation and gender expression is a special gift from God. They are the "eunuchs born from their mother's womb" that the Savior spoke of in Matthew 19. He was not talking about castrated people! He was referring to those like Rev. Macaulay, those blessed with the Fullness, the state of being simultaneously male and female within one body. Laws restricting the behavior of males and females do not apply to God's born eunuchs (Matthew 19: 11-12)!

Anyaposh should read her Bible more closely. She should research the ancient terminology used. She will find that she is gravely wrong. Tragically, she has yet to even scratch the surface of true Christianity. By spewing hatred and bigotry on Gay-affirming blogsites, she is the one who has sinned and who must repent.