Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In Just Three Days - A Poem for Easter

In Just Three Days
By Rowland Jide Macaulay, an excerpt from his book “Poetry Inspired” published 2001

In Just Three Days
For a life time
He came that we may have life
He died that we may have life in abundance.

In Just Three Days
Better known than ever before
Crown King of kings
Tired but never gave up
Alone, forsaken and frightened
The world is coming to a close
Doors closing, wall to wall thickening.

In Just Three Days
Prophecies has been fulfilled
Unto us a child is born...
Destroy the world and build the kingdom
Followers deny His existence
His betrayer will accompany the enemy.

In Just Three Days
The world had Him and lost Him
Chaos in the enemies’ camp
Death could not hold Him prisoner
In the grave, Jesus is Lord.

Bethany, the house of Simon the leper
Alabaster box of precious oil
Ointment for my body
Gethsemane, place of my refuge
Watch and pray.

In Just Three Days
Destruction, Rebuilding
Chastisement, Loving, Caring
Killing, Survival
Mockery, Praises
Passover, Betrayal
The people, The high priest
Crucify him, crown of thorns
Hail him, Strip him, bury him.

In Just Three Days
He is risen
Come and see the place where the Lord lay
His arrival in the clouds of heaven.

In Just Three Days
He was dead and buried
My resurrection, my hope, my dream
Hopelessness, helplessness turned around
In just Three Days
In Just Three Days.

This poem was first written in April 1999 and inspired following the reading of the Gospel according to St Matthew chapters 26, 27 and 28. Moved by the story of Jesus’ death and his resurrection. Imagine so many things happened in that three days, over 2000 years ago and that imagination still remains with us today.

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