Friday, July 17, 2009

LGBT friendly and Human Rights Organisations in Nigeria

LGBT friendly and Human Rights Organisations in Nigeria

For LGBT people's information, there are a few groups and organisations developing in Nigeria and they are not exclusive clubs, some have been around for many years, the ability to survive the Nigerian atmospheres is a testament of the endurance of the people.

I will endeavour to list a few that are also part of the Coalition for the defense of Sexual Rights in Nigeria and were party to leading the Community at the debates in the Nigerian Parliament, both in 2007 and 2009. These organisations have worked together for many years developing useful information including a 2007 survey of sexual minorities in Nigeria due for dissemination this year.

Lawyers Alert, Nigeria
The Independent Project for Equal Rights, Nigeria
House Of Rainbow Metropolitan Community Church, Nigeria
INCRESE, Nigeria
Global Right Nigeria
Queer Alliance Nigeria
Youths Together Network Nigeria
Nigerian Humanist Movement, Nigeria

There are other groups in Nigeria, not mentioned here, however those that lead in matters of inclusion and LGBT rights are listed above and are also part of the Coalition. There are other organisations who are part of the Coalition such as Lawyers Alert who are not necessarily LGBT led however are representatives of human right for LGBT people in Nigeria. There are also individuals who are fighting at home and abroad for the equal rights of LGBT Nigerians whereever they are, for example Mr Bisi Alimi, Mr Davis Mac-Iyalla just to mention two.

I am sure anyone at home or abroad who wishes to collaborate with good intention can always make enquiries about the public duties of these organisations.

Rev Rowland Jide Macaulay
Founder and Pastor of House Of Rainbow MCC Nigeria

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