Tuesday, July 28, 2009

World OUTGames Copenhagen 2009

The Opening event at the World Out Games in Copenhagen on the 27th July 2009, was exemplary, the list of speakers were extra ordinary.

Rebeca Sevilla from Peru and Svend Robinson a Canadian citizen with roots in Denmark were very proud to welcome all the delegates participating from all over the world, 750 delegates from over 89 countries.

Julia Applegate from the USA and Director of Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association expanded on her joy to lead the sport aspect of the World Out Games.

Uffe Elbaek of Denmark also the CEO of World Out Games 2009 welcomed all the guest and introduce the invaluable team leaders and scores of volunteers.

The highlight of the moment with numerous standing ovation was the introduction and speech of the Honouree guest 95 years old Axel Axgil of Denmark and his partner who made history by being the first same sex couple to have their relationship legally recognised by the state and law, as an activist of many decades, he also led the emergence of organisations which led to the Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Register Partnership Act 1989.

Personally I could not contain my joy to meet this veteran, Yemisi Ilesanmi commented as we rose in many ovation that this is for her history made tantamount to the first time man landed in the moon. It was a significant 20 years ago that Axel Axgil made history that has since led many other nations to give laws and allow same sex relationship.

It is our hope that Africa and especially Nigeria one day and in the life of many LGBT people legalise same sex marriage and also honour LGBT law abiding citizen, respect their freedom to love, Other Keynote speakers include Virginia Apuzzo, a feminist, activist and politician from the USA and John Amaechi retired NBA player, author and Amnesty International ambassador from the UK.

At the Parade of Nations, we held high the name of Nigeria representing LGBT people.

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ghadir said...

wow,Yemisi Ilesanmi herself has made history and has been an inspiration to many LGBT women all over the world.