Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rev Jide Macaulay goes to Copenhagen for the World OutGames

Rev Jide Macaulay goes to Copenhagen for the World OutGames

What is the World OutGames?

Serious sport, serious culture and totally serious fun
You’ll find it all at the 2nd World Outgames in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 25 July to 2 August 2009.
There will be tournaments in 38 different sports disciplines, from aerobics to wrestling, for competitors at all skills levels. In addition, there will be a wide variety of cultural events including performances, exhibitions and parties to inspire, provoke and make you dance like crazy.
World Outgames 2009 will also feature a human rights conference addressing issues and concerns of the LGBT community and all others for whom love of freedom and freedom to love is self-evident.So mark you calendar and come all the way out at World Outgames 2009.

Religious And Spiritual Impact on LGBT lives

Religious and spiritual impact on LGBT lives - Spirituality and faith communities are important for many LGBT people around the world. Religious institutions are often seen as undermining claims for acceptance, but this panel explores the work that has been accomplished within faith communities to increase respect for sexual diversity. Presenters will draw from examples of advocacy within Christian and Muslim communities in Asia, Nigeria and North America. JonipherKwong will mainly focus on the work of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) in working towards greater tolerance in the Philippines, by raising levels of awareness and sensitivity among LGBT activists in approaching governments and other religious communities -- in a region where Roman Catholic and fundamentalist streams of Christianity are dominant. In Nigeria there are currently neither legislative processes nor any other power to protect against sexual orientation discrimination and social phobias.Rowland Jide Macaulay will present the program "Sexuality and Spirituality" which is meant to promote and assist LGBTI people on a journey to reconcile their faith with their sexual orientation. David Rayside and Momin Rahman will discuss the emergence of LGBT-positive voices within the Muslim minorities in the West, and the challenges they face in the broader Muslim Canadian and Muslim American communities.

Moderator: Rowland Macaulay (Nigeria), House Of Rainbow MCC

Jonipher Kwong (USA), Metropolitan Community ChurchRowland Macaulay (Nigeria), House Of Rainbow MCCDavid Rayside (Canada), Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity StudiesMomin Rahman (Canada), Sociology Department at Trent University

Theme: Human Rights and Politics
Language: English
Room: ITU Level 1 - room 2

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