Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rev Jide Macaulay Spoke at the UN Geneva

Rev Jide Macaulay Spoke at the UN Geneva

At the NGO event organised by the International Commission of Jurist, co sponsored by Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the International Service for Human Rights; Subject - The Role of the International Human rights law protecting people of diverse sexual orientation and gender identities.

Speakers Include;
Lawrence Mute, Signatory to the Yogyakarta Principles, Commissioner with the Kenya National Commission on Human RightsArvind Narrain, co founder Alterrnative Law Forum IndiaVitit Muntarbhorn, co chair of the Yogyakarta experts' meeting ICJ commissioner, former chair of the coordination committee of the Special ProceduresModerator: Aliison Jernow, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Project, ICJ

Separation of State and Religion
Delivered by Revd Rowland Jide Macaulay @ the UN Geneva, 22nd September 2009.

Good afternoon, my name is Rowland Jide Macaulay, I am the founder and Director of a registered NGO in Nigeria called House Of Rainbow working for the inclusion of LGBT people of all faith founded in September 2006.

State sponsored homophobia or hate crimes disguised under the banner of religious exclusion and cultural alienation is affecting the lives of many LGBT people. UPR is a good process to highlight these issues

Yogyakarta Principles on the Application of International Human Rights Law in relation to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Principle 21, THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, CONSCIENCE AND RELIGION Says; Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. These rights may not be invoked by the State to justify laws, policies or practices which deny equal protection of the law, or discriminate, on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Nigerian government have twice between 2006 and 2009 proposed bills seeking to criminalise same sex relationship and restrict the assembly and freedom of the same, in addition to extremely harsh penalties including death under Sharia law.

[Many religious communities and leaders chose not just to alienate us from their mosques and churches, but many have incited and supported our government in the implementation and introduction of discriminatory laws.
Religious and State Homophobia is on the rampage, there is an increase in “Hate” Campaign against LGBT people. ]

It will be useful to merge the understanding of these tools with existing human rights tools at all level, including the African Charter on human and peoples rights

Since August 2007, 18 gay men have been waiting to be tried in the Northern Islamic State of Bauchi for offences under the vagrancy Act with a link to sexual orientation and gender identity.
Our project which provides services and other support for LGBT people was forced to close its operations 12 months ago due to excessive media intrusion, religious and state sponsored homophobia. We seek the effort of the commissioners and state members for the separation of State and Religion.

Thank You.

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