Wednesday, September 23, 2009

UPR Central Africa Republic at UN Geneva Sept 2009

His Excellency Mr Leopold Ismael Samba – Ambassador Permanent Representative of the Central Africa Republic to the UN at Geneva, addressed the assembly on the outstanding matters for review including death penalty legislations, ethnic minority, summary execution laws, gender base discrimination. He expressed that sex discrimination against women is a difficult problem alluded to cultural difficulties, problem with traditional practices, the abolition of polygamy is extremely difficult as it is seen as part of the culture, and the country is careful and reluctant to introduce and sign laws that prohibit these practices, however he welcomed the recommendations of prison wardens and the justice system, increase of awareness program has been launch by the President.

There is however no mention of the issues affecting LGBT people on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.

United Nations Human Right Council 12th Session Geneva, September 2009.UPR Central African RepublicInternational Lesbian and Gay Association (European Region)
Delivered by Revd Rowland Jide Macaulay - House Of Rainbow

Mr President,

I have the honour to present a statement on behalf of ILGA and Pan Africa ILGA.
We commend Central African Republic for its leadership, noted in the Working Group report, in supporting the joint statement on human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity delivered at the UN General Assembly last December, on behalf of 67 States from all 5 UN regions.

Amongst other things, this statement urges States to take all the necessary measures “to ensure that sexual orientation or gender identity may under no circumstances be the basis for criminal penalties”.

In furtherance of this commitment, we are keen to find out what is the government’s response to recommendation 16 in paragraph 75, which recommends a full review of all national legislation relating to the principles of non-discrimination, particularly as it applies to women and sexual minorities.

In this regard, we respectfully urge the Central African Republic to:
a) To review its criminal legislation, particularly art. 195 of the Penal Code, to ensure that it does not discriminate on the ground of sexual orientation; b) To review all legislation to ensure no discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity;c) To take measures to recognise the sexual health and protect the rights of sexual minorities in accordance with international instruments.

We also welcome the support of the Central African Republic for recommendation 16 of para. 74 to ensure comprehensive training and education for all security forces and prison staff in human rights and international humanitarian law, and would encourage the government to include education about sexual orientation and gender identity issues within such training.

Finally, we appreciate the delegation’s constructive engagement in the UPR process, and thank you again for your leadership on these important human rights issues.

Thank you very much Mr President.

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